Judith has worked as a Freelance Writer and Reviewer for Macs Magazine since 2013, writing dozens of articles on a variety of subjects, from art and music to her own experiences of living in London. Visit the pages below to read some of her most recent work.

During July 2015 Judith will be cycling from Venice to Corfu - watch this space for links to both video footage and blogs of the month long adventure.

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Doing Something - Dating with a Difference

I have had my fair share of bad date experiences. From terrible set-ups/blind dates organised by well-meaning friends, awkward pub meet ups and once even being tricked into having dinner with someone, I have never been on a date that I didn’t think was a waste of time. After years of failed attempts, I decided that I just wasn’t a ‘dater’. But the big question is, can DoingSomething convert this non-believer – or ‘datetheist’ – into a lover, not a hater?”

Lent - Why ‘Taking On’ is the New ‘Giving Up’

“Over the years I’ve seen and tried it all. I once attempted (and failed) to give up Facebook. Two years ago I cut out all chocolates, biscuits and desserts, which resulted in a full four weeks of sugar withdrawal and nervous dreams about accidentally eating Kitkat Chunkies. At one point my boss called me into the office to ask if ‘everything was alright at home’ because the sugar low was so apparent it had re-set my fundamental personality dial to ‘constantly grumpy or sad’.”

Six3Nine - Making Training Personal

“No one, myself included, would ever describe me as a natural athlete. Exercise has just been the necessary evil endured in order to indulge my increasingly problematic cake habit. Health and fitness has never been top of my priority list, despite spending a disproportionate amount of my income on gym membership over the years and always wanting (thought not necessarily achieving) that elusive ambition of dropping a jeans size.So could Six3Nine offer anything for the chronically athletically challenged, such a myself?”

National Centre for the Circus Arts: Re-defining an Industry

“As a child, to keep me occupied during the 6-week long summer holiday, my parents regularly sent me away to activity weeks, including gymnastics, swimming and, unusual though it may seem, circus skills. My memories of those weeks stuck in an industrial sports hall, with beans bags instead of juggling balls and one pair of stilts between 30 children (which I never managed to have a go on) leave much to be desired. How different things would have been had my quiet Mancunian suburb been home to an institution such as this; Britain’s most significant Circus organisation currently redefining the Circus industry, The National Centre for Circus Arts.You have yet to ‘witness the fitness’ if you have not walked round a fully functioning circus institution.”

Disappearing Nature: Artist’s Supporting Life on Earth

“During my school years, I was taught the importance of looking after our environment, from recycling to reusable energy and the implications of fossil fuels, to name a few. But my school was in Hulme, in inner city Manchester. Nature, to me, was the one-legged pigeons and occasional urban foxes that got trapped in the tennis courts. What we called “the forest” was a group of five trees that kids could hide behind to smoke without being spotted by a teacher. In fact, it wasn’t until I watched David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ (and, incidentally, all other David Attenborough Natural History Documentaries to date) that I realised the true beauty and balance of our world and its inhabitants.”

Heather Peace - The Thin Line

“How does one achieve success? Sheer determination, hard work, unadulterated talent, the bravery to take a risk? Or possibly a combination of all of the above? It’s safe to say that Heather Peace isn’t lacking in any of these categories, with 2014 marking the arrival of her 2nd album, The Thin Line, on the 9th June.”